Buy authentic and registered gov't issued Passports, ID Cards,
Driver's License, Resident Permit, Birth Certificate,
Diplomas, SSN, TOEFL, IELTS ....
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    Our Workflow Process

    How We Process Your Request→

    We process your request in step-by-step by process. Firstly we receive your details and analyze them. Secondly we forward your details to the appropriate diplomatic representative. Thirdly your document is produced and registered in the gov’t database and
    finally your shipment is effected

    • 1
      Order Received

      When you place an order we analyse submitted documents

    • 3
      Diplomatic Representative

      Documents are transmitted to the Diplomatic representative

    • 2
      Production / Registration

      Requested document is produced and registered with the gov't

    • 4
      Secured Delivery

      Document is shipped to client under all security measures

    Our Major Services

    Documents & Certificates

    Buy Real / Fake Driver's License

    Tired of being intercepted by the police constantly? tired of failing the exam? Get license without exam today

    Buy Real/Fake Passport

    Bypass all gov't formalities, get an express passport of your dream country & explore the world easily

    Buy Birth Certificate

    Permit Deutsch and Team helps you easily file for a birth certificate request with our birth certificate application filing assistance service.

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